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Brand-NEW Profit System That Earns Me $497+ At Will And Can Be Replicated By Everyone Following This Blueprint - And Make Up To $276 Per Customer!

NEW 2023 System - PROVEN Results - HIGH EPCs


  • Oct. 10th




About Profit Plan

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  • Step-by-step blueprint how everyone can set up their own profit system that makes me $497+ commissions at will.
  • The principle behind is proven to work for years and will continue to do so. For 2023 I added a unique twist to make this method even more powerful than the original one.
  • Once the profit system is set up correctly it almost runs on autopilot producing passive income.
  • Profit Plan comes as a PDF e-book that provides step-by-step instructions with exact tool recommendations, real-life examples, and word-by-word templates.
  • It's written with the beginner in mind, so even complete newbies can follow along and set up their own profit system.
  • The e-book (front-end product) is all it takes to succeed. However, there are upgrades available to make the set up process easier and faster to profit from.


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50% Commission on Front-End + Upsells

Up To $281 Per Customer!

OTO 1 - Advanced Strategies to 2x - 3x your profits ($37)

OTO 2 - DFY Profit Automators for passive profits for 365 days ($47)

OTO 3 - Proven High Ticket Offers for easy $500+ commissions ($67)

OTO 4 - Traffic Rolodex with the best providers for high quality leads ($97)

OTO 5 - VIP Email Coaching to get priority support from me personally ($297)

JV Contest

Duration: 6 Days (Ends on October 15th at 11:59PM)
Contest based on: Sales Total
Individuals ONLY

JV Prizes

Contest Minimums - You must earn the same amount in commissions
as the prize money for all the contests.

Teams - No Teams - Individual Contest Only!

JV Doc & Email Swipes


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Hi, I'm Björn Rudnik, a former carpenter who is tired of working for someone else's dream. Now I promised myself to follow my goals and dreams until I'm happy with my life. What I want is flexibility and freedom to work from different places, on my own schedule. And I'd also like to make a little more than what I was earning in my day job.

When I was younger I enjoyed working with wood. I love(d) the material and the relaxed atmosphere on construction sites. Then I went to study to get a degree in timber construction. My career also brought me into real estate where I was working for a housing company. I also liked this work in a way, but it was stressful. Clients, my boss, and appointments were driving me crazy sometimes.

I never found fulfillment in one of the jobs I made. Deep inside I felt, there must be something more to life than the 9-5 rat race, and two 2-week vacations each year. I still have so many places on my bucket list that I want to see on this world. So I decided to solve this problem and do everything to achieve the two main elements needed, time and money freedom. That's how I came to internet marketing.

Watch the video above to hear how to pronounce my name. It's a Swedish name. In German it's written with "Umlaut" ö. In English I write Bjoern. But you can also just write Bjorn.




Björn Rudnik

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